Your intuition is associated with the right side of the brain which is responsible for creativity, imagination, musical and artistic aptitude, and emotions.

Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung also believed that intuition is a powerful force, stating that, “Intuition gives outlook and insight; it revels in the garden of magical possibilities.”

Self-awareness is not the same as intuition. Most of us deny or ignore our deep feelings of intuition, when it could be niggling in your brain as intuition. What we call “gut feelings” or ” intuition” are those that have been formed by your experiences from the past. It may take some time to trust yourself on making decisions or actions using intuition. Some areas to help you use past experiences and not just rationalize decisions using intuition could be:

  • Silence your mind. Question, “How do I feel about this decision?”
  • Focus on the sensations that cause you to question the current path of things
  • Explore whether fear is fueling you; and,
  • Don’t allow social pressure to bias you


This is particularly important in recognizing what is important to you, knowing what you want and how you feel in different situations. Gut feelings can identify your true intentions in a situation. If you feel pleased, satisfied, or content with a decision, it is a good indication that your decision coincided with your true intention. However, if you start to resent, or feel uneasy in a situation, you probably did not go with your intuition.

Is Your Intuition Trying to Help Guide You?