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Business coaching services for executives, organizational teams, individuals, and all senior staff and employees in transition; customized group sessions.

Individual Coaching

Life & Career Coaching

Life Coaching, the renewal of the generative-self, may be the assistance you need.

Government Coaching

Government Leadership

Leadership development and training for federal, state, local, and military agencies.

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Seniors and What’s Next

Reach the full dimension of the gifts yet to be given. Coaching can assist you with your next life choices to “strategically age”.

Welcome to Walks Beside Coaching & Consulting.  We’re proud of our business history and our network of affiliates.   Our methodologies can recognize core value disparity in organizations and develop subsequent strategies for culture alignment, clarify your business practices, guide team strategies and collaboration, develop the next leaders in your succession planning; and, coach all levels of staff how to integrate positive feedback to increase leadership competencies.  We work with emerging thought and change leaders, using our diversity, to leave a legacy in a better world.

We partner with clients to develop effectiveness through custom designed coaching programs, foster the potential of rising leaders; and, help all employees understand behavioral practices that lead to success.

Whether you are looking for industry specific business coaching or life and personal coaching, we can help you accelerate performance and build effectiveness for all level of leaders that are facing the challenges of the multi-generational workforce today.  We are available for on-site consultation, individual or group telephone conference calls or email consultation.  Use the category sections here to view the skills and communication competencies we can help you develop.

Our corporate clients are in diverse industries such as, aerospace, data defense, large healthcare organizations, non-profits, universities, environmental groups, state workforce development agencies, and, the Federal cyber-forces.  We have found that in all of these organizations they are composed of people, just like you.  They live in a world of conversations and create their world through the same verbal communication influencing their success and life-long learning. Business and personal conversations open doors to new perspectives or can close others for the future.  Sometimes, leaders, executives, and teams find they are stalled, not making significant progress.  They are uninspired about future transformation, much less personal development.  Let us assist you, or your organization, to go beyond the usual ‘command & control’ models of organizational management.  Together we can transform what you passionately care about and how you can create a future that conducts ‘conversations at the core’ for enterprise success.

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