Tools: these are the assessment tools we use today to help our clients achieve their goals:

Heart & Core – Our trademarked product that assists with the alignment of employee core values with a corporation’s values (conducted at sessions only, not online).

HRPersonality – Online personality assessment tool for the workplace. Use JTPW™ for candidate assessment, team building, leadership, career development, workplace effectiveness and more.

If you are considering a career change or you need some direction in your job search, this is the place to start.

Walks Beside Coaching & Consulting, Inc is proud to offer ELEVATIONS®, the Internet’s most trusted online tool for comprehensive career discovery.

What is Elevations®?

Elevations® is the most up-to-date, comprehensive career self-assessment tool on the Internet. More than a test – it is a breakthrough career discovery system designed by Helen M. Horyza, a Nationally Certified Career Counselor in collaboration with the University of California, Davis. Elevations® is now in use in colleges and universities, corporations, and in career centers all over the world. This truly is the life-changing resource you have been waiting for.

What will you get?

A full year of access to your completely integrated, interactive online career assessment and 30+ page personalized career report. You will be able to update your selections and see your growth throughout the year.

  • A contemporary values, skills, career interests and personality assessment, with current careers that match your profile.
  • Career tips to help you avoid pitfalls specifically associated with your temperament, and interactive action planning tools.
  • Links to website research and career guidance resources that will shorten your search for the right career.
  • A clear, easy to follow program that really is fun – not at all like a “test.”
    Accessible and responsive customer service and technical support.

Is it Affordable?

For only $35 you can embark on a personalized path to a better future today. The first step is to register for free. Simply click on the Start Elevations® link below. Within minutes you will receive a personal email with your private login code allowing you to access our secure payment area. It’s easy and fast – so what are you waiting for? Wake up your career dreams today!