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Sioux Falls, South Dakota – – – February 5, 2021 – Walks Beside Coaching & Consulting (WBCC), an outstanding coaching company now with an office in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, announced their move to the business corridor off highway 29. WBCC constructs business solutions around achievement of business goals, visible management accountability, increased employee morale, and the integration of a diverse cultural workforce. These programs eliminate fuzzy organizational thinking to align initiatives to become the catalyst for large-scale systems change, both locally and nationally.

The move to the Sioux Falls allows WBCC to expand into:

  • The talented labor force and higher education and workforce training partners
  • An excellent environment for data integrity of large healthcare organizations
  • Emerging healthcare communities attractive to Millennial workforce

WBCC constructs business solutions around the achievement of business goals, the integration of a multi-generational workforce, and the integration of a diverse cultural labor force. These programs eliminate imprecise administrative thinking to synchronize ideas and goals for large-scale systems change, both locally and nationally. They bring their business knowledge to the great state of South Dakota to serve businesses in their efforts to be provide excellent environments for the collaboration of the multi-cultural and multi-generational workforce.

About Walks Beside Coaching & Consulting:

WBCC has a seasoned team shaping the renewal and resilience of daily life, increasing self-identity, and assisting in the transitional life chapters of all workforces. A unique service of our company is ontological coaching, instead of just performance coaching. Ontological coaching is a structured yet personalized process of guidance using all the elements of language skills, body disposition and the impact of emotion on decision-making.

Bradley Ann Morgan and Stephan Marais are certified professional coaches through the Professional Coaching Certification (PCC) programs of Newfield Network. They are members of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the International Longevity Center (ILC); and are the former editors of the Web page for “Transforming Aging, Elder Care & Security” in the state of California, founded by Senator John Vasconcellos.

Press Contact:

Stephan Marais, MBA, PCC
Company Name: Walks Beside Coaching & Consulting
Email: sfm@walksbesidecoaching.com
Phone: 605-799-7832
Website: www.walksbesidecoaching.com

Walks Beside Coaching & Consulting Announces Coaching Services Move