Walks Beside Coaching & Consulting Aiding with Programs for Arizona Women’s Education & Entrepreneur Center

WBCC Facilitates in the Entrepreneur Programs for Long Term Success

Phoenix, AZ – – – February 28, 2018 – – – Walks Beside Coaching & Consulting (WBCC), an experienced coaching company with affiliate coaches in Arizona, Virginia, and California announced today that their coaching firm will be a vital part of the programs for leaders with Arizona Women’s Education and Entrepreneur Center (AWEE). Our coaches will provide additional business lectures, mentorship and 1-1 coaches for the AWEE center. AWEE provides a variety of quality business education classes, workshops and seminars that assist entrepreneurs in developing, managing, and growing their businesses.

WBCC has designed programs for government agencies, including our military forces, and larger corporations, where leaders knew the value that a diverse workforce would flow over into satisfying customers’ demands, impacting the standardization of their delivery processes. WBCC has helped create business cultures for organizations that developed the next leaders for the company. The results have been that these organizations were able to sustain a new positive work culture, construct a balanced strategy for each department head in pursuit of the company’s goals, maintain consistent communication between department executives and their customer base; and, realize improved employee satisfaction within their respective departments. As Stephan states, “The leadership of this century is a combination of earnest employee relationships and internal meaningful achievement.” Having been at C-level positions in several companies, WBCC brings their business experience to help organizations provide open environments for the collaboration of the multi-generational and multi-cultural workforces.

About Walks Beside Coaching & Consulting:

WBCC has an experienced team molding the resilience of business life, increasing leader self-confidence; and shaping the ‘critical thinking’ necessary for the complexities of today’s industries. A unique service of our company is ontological coaching, instead of just performance coaching. WBCC provides structured, yet personalized processes, for guidance using all the elements of language skills, leadership presence; and, the avoidance of knee jerk emotions on decision-making.

Bradley Ann Morgan and Stephan Marais are certified professional coaches through the International Coaching Federation (ICF), and members of the Educational Society for Resource Management, the US Women’s Chamber of Commerce; and, are the former editors of the Web page for “Transforming Aging, Elder Care & Security” in the state of California, founded by Senator John Vasconcellos. In 2005, Bradley and Stephan were the Networking Chairs for the annual conference of ICF in San Jose, CA.

About Women’s Education and Entrepreneur Center (AWEE):

AWEE makes it possible for clients to overcome obstacles and transform their lives. Women, and men, from all walks of life who are underemployed, unemployed, re-entering the workforce, changing careers or starting a business. AWEE connects them to the resources, help and support they need to find a better job to create a better tomorrow for themselves, their family and their community. http://aweecenter.org/

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Stephan Marais, MBA, PCC, CSM
Company Name: Walks Beside Coaching & Consulting
Email: sfm@walksbesidecoaching.com
Phone: 605-799-7832 Website: www.walksbesidecoaching.com

Aiding with Programs for Arizona Women’s Education & Entrepreneur Center