What Will Business Coaching Do for Me?

Business Coaching provides one of the greatest opportunities to focus on releasing stress and finding creative ways to solve your business concerns. We will embark on an exploration of reducing the personal costs of your business, while increasing the opportunities to bring your business to the next level. One of the benefits is allowing yourself to reach deeper to find the gifts of your enterprise, while expanding the business in a manner that are uniquely aligned with your vision and abilities. Business Coaching is often conducted in the manner that works well for your business and lifestyle. We can establish the desired outcomes and then set either weekly or biweekly strategy sessions.

  • Experience a new perspective of your current tools & new technologies that may streamline your business operations
  • Re-examine your business vision & mission statement.
  • Evaluate your core business models
  • Learn to cultivate the business partnerships that are important for your growth

Startup Business Coaching
Starting a small business can be quite overwhelming sometimes, whether you’re a start-up or already a business owner. Let us research your idea and walk you through the start-up process. We can help you to take one-step at a time to realize your dream. We can assist with:

  • Set goals to realize your vision step by step.
  • Provide resources and forms on starting the process
  • Provide recommendations on a business name corresponding to your vision
  • Provide assistance regarding your “business-type” decision (sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, etc.)
  • Provide names of attorneys that can process business licensing & business liability insurance
  • What and Where to order computer, software, & other office equipment
  • How to order the best Internet/DSL, phone, voicemail, credit card processing services for your needs
  • Provide resources to design your business logo & order business cards, stationery
  • Consult on the design and marketing materials such as brochures, postcards, or business introductory letter
  • Determine marketing strategies that work best for your business

Assistance for the Startup Business Owner: If you are already a business owner and overwhelmed by the requirements to run a business, hire staff, keep the vision alive, as well as make a profit then we’ll help you re-focus your vision or do business development. We provide assistance to evaluate bookkeeping procedures, current staffing, and review company process all the way to the P&L statement.

  • Evaluate and modify your existing web site to improve effectiveness
  • Evaluate the current competition and your strategy to outperform them
  • Evaluate funding, banking finances, distribution methods
  • Clean up smothering and stagnant operational procedures that inhibit growth and success

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Location: Telephone coaching is conducted in sessions that work for your business flow; and occasionally in person, with unlimited email access.
Fee: Coaching is usually paid on the first of each month for 4 sessions, or pro-rated on a time per use basis.

Walks Beside Life Coaching & Consulting partners work with CEO’s, Presidents, Directors and other senior management to support their success and the success of their organizations. We also partner with other professionals & individuals on a one-to-one and group basis, to create and sustain businesses. What do clients say about us? They say that we have a unique blend of firm, direct kindness. It does not matter who is right, what matters is the conversation and collaboration that produces unplanned and unexpected value.

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Multi-Generational Leadership

Business CoachingAs in all generations, we are shaped by national events, the achievement of educational credentials, family dynamics, community limitations and freedoms, even global crises. All of these factors influence how people from a specific generation describe their worldview, communicate personally and professionally, and interact in team collaborations in the workplace. Today’s leaders are facing an unparalleled mix of generations in their work environments, the Boomers, GenX and GenY or often called, the Millennia’s. Their challenge is to foster and support these individuals to work in partnership together, resolve conflict with positive results, permit different working techniques; and, allow for life balance expectations from each age group.

Is your organization experiencing:

  • You find the majority of leadership roles are filled by one generation category such as, Boomer leaders, causing the younger staff to label them as ‘old school’?
  • Has there been an invisible working standard, not documented, causing disparity in working techniques and misunderstood by the current leaders?
  • Is there mistrust between the senior staff and their younger managers, causing project delays and absenteeism?
  • Are the younger or incoming staff complaining of a lack of feedback from the veteran or senior staff?
  • Are there any mentoring relationships between the veteran staff and the newer generation workers?

If you are finding any of these situations, or more, let us help you design a multi-generational program that can help the entire workforce to spread their expertise across the organization.

Diversity & Inclusion

First impressions of diversity and inclusion in the workplace are rated the same.  They are not.  70% of corporations today will clearly state that diversity doesn’t achieve inclusion. The two biggest reasons are:

  1. Lack of consistent interviewing and hiring practices, due to individual manager bias; and,
  2. Department leaders tend to focus on individuals, not the interpersonal dynamics that are needed to grow a ‘social fabric’ in multicultural environments.

We can help your organization define:

  1. Leadership behavior for recruitment practices, career paths for staff, and promotion standards,
  2. Group processes that are not window dressing.  Identify those group processes that will be seen as belonging to the workgroup, not one individual; and,
  3. The company processes for benchmarking and measuring data of the characteristics of a truly diverse work culture including, veterans, women, disabled, and remote workers.

The Resilient Leader

Today, as in no other time, leaders are under tremendous scrutiny to perform consistently, and often with a 60-70 hour work week.  It is becoming increasingly difficult to sustain a positive resiliency.  Effective leaders need to learn how to be on Purpose without being Rigid, how to change from a Control Focus to an Agility Focus; and use their skills to build resiliency in their leadership practices.

Let us help you develop your leadership growth plan to become adaptive and resilient.

Succession Planning

Both mid-sized and larger corporations have learned the hard lessons that promoting the next-in-line staff to a leadership position can proceed as the beacon of hope for continued success or hard line failure.  And as for the newly promoted individual, the consequences can be invigorating or devastating in its lasting results of the leadership experience.  More and more companies are giving significant attention to succession planning and the development of the next generation of their company’s leaders.

Companies that lack plans of succession end up with whoever has been in the department the longest or has the greatest technical skill.  Neither of these options have proven to be the most effective at producing the next leaders of people.

Let us help your organization shape the succession plans for each department, even if you are a startup.  We can assist in:

  1. Defining leadership succession programs to meet your company’s explicit culture and requirements,
  2. Identify which leaders have demonstrated the ability to mentor or coach their team members or newly hired individuals for success; and,
  3. Recognize which individuals have displayed independent thought that they have outgrown the individual contributor role in spontaneous decision making, and have long range visioning.

Executive Coaching Services

Executive Coaching services are customized, one-to-one collaboratively designed processes between executive and coach and typically lasts six to twelve months.

Fast Start Executive Coaching is designed to support the executive in assimilating into the new culture, define organizational priorities, forge collaborative internal and external relationships and facilitate the integration into the new role/organization. Over 40% of new executives, according to recent studies, fail within the first 18 months of their new roles. Our coaching processes, “The Journey of  100 Days” are designed to support successful transitions in the areas where most executives fail.

Executive Development Coaching programs are designed to strengthen the executive’s ability to lead, motivate and communicate in the current environment as well as whatever environment develops. This process includes the creation of a personalized executive development plan based on solid and thorough assessment processes, interviews and feedback programs to assure the full utilization and activation of potentials in the executive. This process typically last six to twelve months.

Why Hire an ICF Coach?

Certification from the International Coach Federation (ICF) is extremely important when considering hiring a coach. Credentialing from the ICF is rigorous and stipulates that the coach:

  • Has received professional training from a program specifically designed to teach coaching skills in alignment with the ICF Competencies
  • Has demonstrated a proficient understanding and use of the coaching competencies as outlined by the ICF
  • Is accountable to the ethics and standards set forth by the ICF

The ICF is a consortium of professional coaches and organizations that have joined under it’s auspices to shape and govern the profession of coaching. Many who call themselves coaches have not been formally trained in specific coaching skills that distinguish it from other professions and are transferring non coaching skill sets from other professions into their coaching. Often this results in an inadequate or ineffective coaching experience for clients.

In addition to the ‘practice hours’, certification includes written and oral exams and the agreement to adhere to the Code of Ethics established by the ICF.

Don’t be deceived to think any coach is a competent coach because they have other professional credentials or have established high fees.

Please feel free to contact us with questions about any of our Business Coaching offerings.

A Brief Client List

National Science Foundation
Norman Data Defense Systems
Honorable Senator John Vasconcellos & the Politics of Trust Network
Valley Healthlink Systems
Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC)
New Mexico Dept. of Workforce Development
National Institute of Standards & Technology
Los Angeles Air Force Base, Space & Missile Systems
Kirtland Air Force Base, Space Development Center
Henry Mayo Hospital
United Way of America
Albuquerque Economic Development
DOVIA, Directors of Volunteers in Agencies
Network Innovations, Telecommunications Integrator
Celergy Networks, Inc.
Institute of American Indian Art (IAIA)
Hoag Hospital
City of Stockton Regional Occupational Teachers
Citrus Valley Hospital
American Indian College Fund