At Walks Beside Coaching, your privacy is our critical concern. As we strive to help businesses with their team development and executive leadership, we must also maintain privacy of all that information. In compliance with GDPR, we have updated our practices with these doctrines:

  • Personal data will be processed fairly and lawfully, whether electronically or on paper.
  • Personal data is only obtained for specific lawful purposes.
  • Personal data will be accurate and updated consistently, and as the user requests.
  • Personal data will not be held longer than necessary.
  • Personal data will not be transferred to outside vendors without permission or the adequate level of GDPR protection.

In certain circumstances, the data protection act allows personal data to be disclosed to law enforcement agencies without the consent of the end user. Under these circumstances, Walks Beside Coaching will disclose that requested data only. However, our data control team will ensure the request is legitimate; and, seek assistance from our legal advisors where necessary.

As always, if you have a concern over how we comply with data protection policies, and, our practices, contact us with your questions. We are open about how we store and process against data breaches.