What’s Next? Continuing Life’s Journey…

The continuance of your life’s contribution should not end with career or military retirement, end of child rearing, personal mobility issues, or the achievement of a specific age. We invite you to realize your ‘what’s next’ with us.

  • Are you in a chapter of your life where the previous goals are no longer relevant? What events or experiences have refined your principles or objectives?
  • How can you release previously held beliefs and pursue something more adventurous or self-satisfying? What resources, or who, do you need to discuss your new intentions with?
  • If a career change has been on your mind, what other fields could you take your skills to that would be more meaningful for you? Would being of community service satisfy that internal calling more rather than your current position?
  • What changes do you need to make to your current lifestyle that would allow you to pursue a lifestyle change (with a possible relocation) such as, to be able to live at the coastlines of Oregon or the Gulf of Mexico?
  • What if your potential contributions to society; and yourself, are dependent on an appreciation of yourself? How would self-appreciation shape your decisions over taking a new risk and entering into something more meaningful?
  • If you treasure one-one relationships as an important facet in your life, could your talent now be in teaching or mentoring?

Achievement, victory, accomplishment, and attainment are all terms that we commonly associate with success. It is today’s hallmark that we link success with monetary gain. As many of us have discovered, financial wealth does not guarantee bliss nor bring satisfying meaning to life. Bring your questions to us and we’ll design a plan together so that you have meaningful success now and into the future.

Services & Benefits – Transforming Dreams into Achievements

Walks Beside Coaching provides services for the entire aging process, arriving to mid-life, returning to the job market, defining second careers; and, coaching family members caring for elderly relatives to be more aware of the generation they may be serving. The benefits of coaching transform dreams of any life chapter into real achievements you can be proud to live with. Many people have used our coaching to explore and achieve results in the following areas:

  • Too Young to Retire-Defining the Next Chapter of your Life
  • Exploring Your Next Career Choices
  • Endorsing the Third Age & Sage-ism
  • Contributing in Civic Engagement-The Sage Mentor

“There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age.”Sophia Loren

Why Hire an ICF Credentialed Coach?

Certification from the International Coach Federation (ICF) is extremely important when considering hiring a coach. Credentialing from the ICF is rigorous and stipulates that the coach:

  • Has received professional training from a program specifically designed to teach coaching skills in alignment with the ICF Competencies
  • Has demonstrated a proficient understanding and use of the coaching competencies as outlined by the ICF
  • Is accountable to the ethics and standards set forth by the ICF

The ICF is a consortium of professional coaches and organizations that have joined under it’s auspices to shape and govern the profession of coaching. Many who call themselves coaches have not been formally trained in specific coaching skills that distinguish it from other professions and are transferring non coaching skill sets from other professions into their coaching. Often this results in an inadequate or ineffective coaching experience for clients.

In addition to the ‘practice hours’, certification includes written and oral exams and the agreement to adhere to the Code of Ethics established by the ICF.

Don’t be deceived to think any coach is a competent coach because they have other professional credentials or have established high fees.

Contact us now for questions about coaching or the coaching process, or to make an appointment.

My position has always been that the way people age and the signs that we show of aging is nature’s way of tattooing.  It’s natural scarification, and the life you lead gives you the symbols and the emblems of your life, the road map you followed.   – Frances McDormand